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Are documents printing in low quality?

When printing documents from this site, you receive a message (Printing will be low resolution (72 dpi). Please visit the Help section!) during the printing process. The resulting prints are of low quality.
Image Quality Message

To aid with printing, the WebIA site uses specialized software that it attempts to install on your computer.
If this automatic installation fails, the viewer software falls back to generic printing support in Internet Explorer.

How to resolve this issue

You can resolve this problem by manually installing the printing plugin on your computer.

  1. Download the Acordex Java Printing plugin from this site and execute the installer
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen. When you see the dialog that the installation is complete, close all browser windows to allow the changes to take effect.

You should now be able to make high resolution prints from the WebIA website.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact the Centre County computer center during regular business hours at (814) 355-6829.